About Istanbul Zaim University

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University was established as a foundation university with the provisions of the higher education law by “İlim Yayma” Foundation. İlim Yayma Foundation was established on 31.03.1973 and it was considered as a public benefit foundation by the declaration of the Council of Ministers on 31.12.1974.

The Foundation has been established in order to encourage the extent of publicity both at home and abroad and to provide cash and in-kind benefits to talented students at every level of education. At the same time, it builds and manages schools, dormitories, libraries and course buildings. And also provides financial aid for official institutions and organizations with private and legal persons in line with the same purpose.

IZUSEM (Life-long Learning Center)

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Life-long Learning Center – IZUSEM organizes national and international accreditations and specialized certificate programs for all participants who are aware of the necessity of education at every stage of life.

IZUSEM, with its experienced academicians and instructors, has adopted the principle of increasing the current content and expert field effectiveness of the trainings by following the market dynamics.

IZUSEM, with its certificate programs designed to meet the needs of institutional training, has combined the dynamics of the past with the dynamics of today, aims to give trainings with cultural awareness and has a strong position in the field of continuous education.

In addition to the Fındıklı (Central) building, which is located near to the Istanbul Bosphorus, the programmes are also being held in the campus of Halkalı Campus and Eyüp.

Istanbul Zaim University Campus

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