About Asia e University

The University of Asia is a regional university based in Malaysia with open education and formal education systems. It has been established as part of the Asian Dialogue Forum initiatives with the participation of 33 Asian countries and the Malaysian leadership that sponsors the University and provides full funding for all its programs and activities.

Kuwait Forum

The political leaders of the Forum countries at their last meeting in Kuwait in mid-2013 considered the University of Asia the most important and successful collective project established by these countries and therefore deserves their full support.


The following countries were established and considered as members:
Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kuwait, Far East, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Singapore – Sri Lanka – Thailand – UAE – Vietnam – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan – Morocco – Turkey

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