Administrative Decision 20190002

Administrative Decision
ROSHD Virtual University Diplomas

Number: 20190002
Date: 07-02-2019

On 07-02-2019, the Board of Directors discussed the available options for the maximum benefit of Roshd’s students and depending on the renewal and expansion of the agreement with Asia e University and, Turkish Council of High Education (YÖK) Last decision the administrative decision No. 20190002 has been taken as follows:

  • There is no change in the quality of the certificate granted or the fees and scholarships given to the students.
  • The certificates presented at the end of the diploma programs are executive certificates given by ROSHD Virtual University without any additional fees at the first time. It is not accredited by the Turkish Higher Education.
  • If student wishes to have a professional diploma from Asia e University, he or she must fulfill its requirements by applying for a comprehensive examination and paying the full fees for this certificate directly to Asia e University. This certificate is not accredited by MQA, and can not sealed by  Malaysian Foreign Ministry.
  • ROSHD Virtual University’s students can take advantage of the discount offered by ROSHD Virtual University to continue their studies with Asia e University in its various programs and obtain an academic degree accredited by the Malaysian Certification Agency and sealed by the Malaysian Foreign Ministry and embassies around the world.

Eng. Molham Aldrobi
The president of ROSHD Virtual University

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