Bachelor of Governmental Administration

Bachelor of Governmental Administration

The program aims to graduate cadres of qualified specialists in the governmental administration to work in government institutions and non-profit organizations to meet the needs of the community in the Middle East.

Program Goals

To prepare competent and skilled administrative leaders to serve the needs of the public and private sectors in a way that meets the requirements of the local, regional and international labor market and conduct scientific and applied research that combines professionalism and excellence, And develop the skills of critical thinking and creativity of students and enable them to develop creative solutions to what they may face in the field of specialization, and rehabilitation for postgraduate studies.

Program Degree: Executive Bachelor
Not accredited by Turkish Council of Higher education (YÖK) or  Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA
Teaching Language:
Curriculum Language: Arabic
The duration of the study is four years divided into eight semesters
The number of courses is 48 subjects given in addition to the graduation research
Teaching type: online Pre-recorded
Fees: $ 12,500
Available Scholarships: 60-90%
Online exams are divided into final and midterm exams
Materials are given in parallel
Teachers are Arab

First Semester

  • English 1
  • Islamic Culture 1
  • Introduction to computer
  • Principles of Public Administration
  • Public Finance
  • Introduction to Economics

Second Semester

  • Arabic 1
  • English 2
  • Principles of Accounting 1
  • Principles of administrative law
  • Principles of Statistics
  • Introduction to database systems

Third Semester

  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Mathematics
  • Human Rights
  • Research methods in governmental administration
  • Principles of Accounting 2
  • Turkish language

Fourth Semester

  • Introduction to Media
  • Local Administration
  • Human Resource Development
  • Islamic Culture 2
  • Geography of the World
  • Computer Applications in Administrative Sciences SPSS

Fifth Semester

  • Ethics in Business and Social Responsibility
  • Management information systems
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • International and Regional Organizations
  • Arabic 2
  • Developing Thinking Skills

Sixth Semester

  • Administrative Texts in English
  • Principles of Law
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Sociology
  • Public Relations Department
  • Electronic Crimes

Seventh Semester

  • Planning and managing development projects
  • Administrative control
  • Contemporary problems in public administration
  • E- government
  • Strategic information systems
  • Islam and contemporary issues

Eighth Semester

  • E – Business
  • Administrative system in Islam
  • Management of government institutions
  • Total Quality Management
  • Governance and management systems in developing countries
  • Applied research

Fees before scholarship:


Fees After scholarship:

600 $

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