Diploma of Political Science

Diploma of Political Science

Political science is a group of sciences that fall within the disciplines of social sciences, which study the rules of political theory and its applications and their ability to analyze political systems and political behavior. These studies usually take an academic character in the form of theoretical, research and training studies.

Introduction and Expected Objectives

Qualifying specialized cadres to work in political science, international affairs and diplomacy by increasing their knowledge and developing their work performance using the latest international standards in training. The trainees will be able to achieve the highest degree of interaction in international political, diplomatic and legal work, And the ability to communicate with professionals in the diplomatic field professionally, which will raise the value added of their institutions in the field of work.

Program Degree: Executive Diploma
Not accredited 
Teaching Language:
Curriculum Language: Arabic
The duration of the study is two years divided into four semesters
The number of subjects is 12 subjects given in addition to the graduation examination of two subjects
Teaching type: online Pre-recorded
Fees before scholarship $ 3500
Available scholarships are 60-90%
Online exams are divided into final exams and quizzes
Materials are given sequentially, six weeks for each course
Teachers: Arab

  • Political thought
  • The ability to compare political systems
  • Understanding international policies and theories
  • To be able to practice the rules of political practice
  • Methodology in thinking and political analysis.
  • Building a network of relationships with young politicians and leaders in the Arab and international world

Roshd follows semesters system to measure the level of accumulation of knowledge and skills achieved by the student.
Diploma of Political Science’s duration is two years divided into four semesters with 36 credit hours of training.
Three subjects are taken in each semester with 12 subjects for the four semesters.

First Semester:

  • Introduction to Political Science
    • Principles of Management
    • Political Practice

Second Semester

  • Political Philosophy
    • International Relations
    • Arab International Relations

Third Semester:

  • Comparative Political Systems
  • The Art of Diplomacy
    • History of The Middle East

Fourth Semester

  • International Law
  • Research Methodology
  • Political Parties
    • Graduation Project

Fees before scholarship:


Fees After scholarship:

350 $

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