Diploma of Business Administration

Diploma of Business Administration

The program aims to prepare participants for modern concepts and applications in business administration, and assist them in reaching senior leadership positions in companies. The program provides scientific material and applications designed specifically for this purpose. It also helps administrative staff to sharpen their skills and upgrade their knowledge and experience in business management.


The Business Management Program prepares students to become active members of organizations so that they are able to understand the nature and work of organizations, and management functions. The program provides students with a good understanding of the key aspects of management and helps them acquire a full range of management skills. The program defines the student on a wide range of jobs in the business.

Program Degree: Executive Diploma
Not accredited by Turkish Council of Higher education (YÖK) or  Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA
Teaching language:
Curriculum language: English

The duration of the study is two years divided into four semesters
The number of subjects is 12 subjects given in addition to the graduation examination of two subjects
Teaching type: Online Pre-recorded
Fees before scholarship: $ 3500
Available scholarship: 60-90%
Online exams are divided into final exams and quizzes
Materials are given sequentially, six weeks for each
Arab and foreign lecturers teach in English

Developing knowledge and skills to become a future student and business leader.

  • Increasing awareness in the labor market and confidence
  • Effective Practicing to access the labor market.
  • Building the ability to communicate clearly in speech, writing and other appropriate modes of expression.
  • Managing professional life

Roshd follows semesters system to measure the level of accumulation of knowledge and skills achieved by the student
Diploma of Business Administration’s duration is two years divided into four semesters with 36 credit hours of training.
Three subjects are taken in each semester with 12 subjects for the four semesters.

Fees before scholarship:


Fees After scholarship:

350 $

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