Diploma of Physiotherapy

Diploma of Physiotherapy

The objective of the Diploma in Physiotherapy is to obtain an advanced level of information about theoretical knowledge and practical and clinical applications in the field of physical therapy, to improve presentation skills, and to follow scientific developments in this field.

Program Degree: Executive Diploma
Not accredited
Teaching language:
Curriculum language: Arabic

The duration of the study is two year divided into three semesters
The number of subjects is 9 subjects given in addition to the graduation examination of two subjects
Teaching type: Pre-recorded
Fees before scholarship: $ 3500
Available scholarship: 60-90%
Online exams
Materials are given in Parallel
Arab lecturers teach in Arabic

  • Increasing scientific knowledge in the field of physical therapy through research and scrutiny of research and references to develop scientific and practical capabilities
  • Improving the therapist’s abilities to plan and implement an evidence-based physical therapy and rehabilitation program using appropriate assessment methods related to the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Increasing the knowledge in anatomy and physiology
  • Interpretating the diseases and pathophysiology related to body systems
  • Increasing the ability to interpret body systems’ responses to exercise

Roshd follows semesters system to measure the level of accumulation of knowledge and skills achieved by the student
Diploma of Physiotherapy’s duration is two years divided into three semesters

First Semester:

  • Scientific Basis of Physical Therapy and Rehabilition in Upper Extremity Nerves Injuries
  • Assessment and conservative interventions in scoliosis
  • Physiotherapy of spine deformities

Second Semester:

  • Physiotherapy protocols in cardiopulmonary diseases- level 1
  • Physiotherapy protocols in cardiopulmonary diseases- level 2
  • Assessment and rehabilitation of hemiplagic patients

Third Semester:

  • Physical therapy in cerebral palsy
  • Sensory integrative therapy for children with neurological diseases
  • Kinesiotaping
  • High school certificate
  • Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy or Student ID in Physiotherapy

Fees before scholarship:


Available scholarship:


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