Exams system in Roshd is an automated electronic system containing multiple choice questions and can be submitted from anywhere in the world via the Internet without requiring the presence of a specific place and the result is obtained immediately after the completion of the exam directly and a copy of the result is sent to the registered student email within the exam.
There are several exams for each course, optional and compulsory exams as follows:

  • Midterm exam in the middle of each course, which is optional and not compulsory. The objective is to introduce the student to the nature of the exams and the electronic environment.
  • A mandatory final exam for each course in which all the marks of the course are collected.


The student must write his / her full name in English and his / her new email in the exam to accept his / her exam.

Preparatory Exam:

Some programs in Roshd require an exam to make students accepted in this program if they pass it, they can complete registration in the program.

Such as Arabic and English language exams in some programs.

Make up exams:

Students have the right to take the make up exams according to the following conditions:

  • Diploma students must not be failed in more than 2 courses.
  • Bachelor students must not be failed in more than four courses
  • Pay the supplementary examination fee of $ 50 per item.


At the end of his / her study period, the student will be awarded a certificate issued by Roshd Virtual University. Student will be required to pay the fee of 100 Turkish Lira upon receiving the certificate.

If the student wants to receive the certificate of the University of Asia, he must obtain the certificate of Roshd Virtual University first and then to take a comprehensive exam that combines all student’s course during his study in Roshd in one exam.

If the student passed this exam, he / she must pay the fees for this certificate.

Graduation Requirements:

  • The student is entitled to graduate from the program that is enrolled in after investigating the following:
  • Passing all courses’ exams.
  • Submitting the graduation research and acceptting it by the Research Committee.
  • Paying all fees.

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