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Student can take the exam through his account on Roshd platform, where he will find the exam icon within the required course, by clicking on the exam icon will show you the exam directly without any need to use other programs or links

The exam’s duration is limited determined by the teacher and the academic committee in Roshd according to questions’ number, nature and difficulty in order to give enough time for students to answer these questions in the best way.

Student must note that the exam is limited in terms of the timing of entry, it is allowed to students to enter the exam during 15 minutes.

The number of questions varies depending on the course, the type of exam and the program to which the student belongs

The exam system used in Roshd is an intelligent and accurate electronic system that saves every question that was answered and saves the result automatically and then if the student is disconnected from the internet in the middle of the exam, the questions that he answered before this interruption

The student should not leave the exam page or close it because this will prevent him from continuing the exam

The correct procedure in this case is to wait until the Internet connection reestablishes to be stable and then you can continue the exam on a regular basis.

Student is allowed to take the exam only once and if he / she leaves before completing it, he / she will not be allowed to re-enter again

The results are shown directly to the student at the end of the test and a copy of this result is sent to student's email registered at the beginning of the exam by the student

Student must write his / her full name in English, Roshd e-mail address and student number.

Student must write his new email (Roshd's e-mail) in the two fields in the exam, the upper and lower fields

Unfortunately, exams cannot be repeated for any circumstance

New Email

In order to receive emails and tests results on your new e-mail (Roshd's e-mail), you must activate the e-mail. Your new email will be activated by entering it using a computer for the first use only, after that student can use the email via computer or mobile phone.
Roshd email receives all information mails and alerts about the courses and information messages of the registered program from acceptance until graduation
When registering for a bachelor's degree, diploma or other program, technical support team issues a new email for you Those who enrolled in a training course don’t receive a new email and still use their primary email
You should notify Roshd by using other email to solve your problem.
If the student registered for a bachelor's degree, diploma or program, and at the same time enrolled in a training course, The course can be combined with student’s platform with his new email.
The notifications and messages are only sent to the new email of the student
The reason is either that the password is incorrect and you have to reset it by pressing the "Forget your password" option and following the steps that will appear for you, or you have not activate the new Email by using a computer for the first time


Firstly student's account is activated when accepted in Roshd

Second Materials and content are added at the start of course.

If the student does not perform any activity on Roshd platform for six months period, the student account on the platform is frozen, and the student cannot open his account on platform.

Student must send a request for re-activation including the reasons why he was inactive on Roshd platform, accompanied by the payment of the activation fee of $ 100

Access to Roshd platform done exclusively through new email (Roshd Email) for bachelors, diplomas and other programs students. Training courses students will use their primary email

The recorded session is uploaded within 24 hours during working days, within 48 hours in the weekend

You must follow these three steps: make sure your Internet connection is strong, reload the page, change the browser.

If the student did not succeed in watching the learning resources, he must send a complaint to the Roshd via the form of complaints.

Upon entering the platform, the student must click on “ Forget my password” then write his / her new email (Roshd Email) and then he will receive a new password reset link.

You can access Roshd platform by downloading go learn app on the Apple Store and Google Play, then enter the link to Roshd platform “” and then enter the name and password as usual.

Interactive Lectures

You can enter the interactive lecture through the information icon located within the bachelor's or diploma category on Roshd platform.

You can find all the information about the program that you have registered, the study plans and Academic calendar through the information icon located on Roshd platform.

After entering the interactive session, go to the attendees’ section and then go to your name, right-click on your name, click “edit your name and email” and then change your name and email.

You must follow these steps: Make sure you are using the correct sound option. Try to logout the lecture and log back in. Make sure your Internet connection is stable.

Attendance Systems

No, it is not required that you attend the entire lecture relative to our electronic systems

Unfortunately, the attendance isn’t accepted if the information wrong

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept the attendance of any student who has entered by his personal email.

Yes, Attendance is calculated by the electronic system, despite your delay

Attendance rate determined in the mandatory attendance law is 50% of the total interactive sessions

You are required to attend in accordance to the law of compulsory attendance issued by Roshd administration in 2018

We can accept the medical excuses in case there is a medical evidence which exempts the student from attending interactive lectures within a specified period of time

The Interactive Lectures at Roshd is at evening

The duration of the interactive lecture varies from 2 hours to 3 hours depending on the type of academic program

Because you did not achieve the required attendance rate of 50% of the total lectures for this course.

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