Student Rights

  • Student has the right to access all academic and technical services and receive all the information that benefits him during his learning.
  • Student has the right to be treated with extreme respect and without discrimination or racism based on religion, race, religion, sect or affiliation.
  • Student has the right to send his inquiries and complaints at any time.
  • Student has the right to receive the results of the examination immediately after the completion of the exam.
  • Student has the right to receive his certificate after completing all graduation requirements.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Student must submit his personal data correctly without any errors or falsification.
  • Student must read all information that is sent to him and exists in the platform periodically.
  • Student must activate the new email immediately after sending its details and approval in all services within Roshd (exams interactive lectures correspondence form complaints platform)
  • Student must enter the educational platform on semi-daily basis or will face a risk being frozen
  • Student must check his email on a daily basis and he is responsible for any decision, information or message sent to the students did not read.
  • Students must show respect, ethics and tact in their dealings with Roshd’s management, their employees, academic staff, and other students, or will be at the risk of direct dismissing from Roshd.
  • Student must not delay the entrance to the exams and not to use a fraud during the exams or will be at risk of dismissing from Roshd.
  • Student must send an interactive video for each course to be able to graduate.
  • Student must pay the fees incurred in a timely manner without any delay or will be at risk of freezing of his account.
  • Student must not abuse Roshd or incitement against it, whether inside or outside Roshd for any reason.

What we expect from our student

  • Checking the details of registration, scholarships and all information related and inform us if he or she has any problem or inquiry
  • Commitment to the educational process
  • Participating in any survey and answer any question asked by Roshd to participate in improving the quality of services
  • Asking for any help or support needs from Roshd
  • Dealing with respect and ethics with students, staff and teachers
  • Commitment to pay the required fees on time without any delay or procrastination

Withdraw from Roshd

If a student decides to withdraw from his or her seat at Roshd, he or she must submit a request to suspend registration to the Student Affairs Section, explaining the reasons for not to be placed on the blacklist of the candidates who will be prevented from taking any scholarship in the future.

Suspending student seat in Roshd

The student’s account is frozen on the platform if he becomes inactive so that he cannot open his account on the platform on a daily basis
The student is warned in advance of freezing the account and if the student does not respond, the account will be closed.

Conditions for reactivating the student’s frozen account in Roshd

Sending a request for re-activation to Student Affairs indicating the reasons for the interruption.
Paying the activation fee of US $ 100.

Dismissing students from Roshd

Students are dismissed from Roshd in the following cases:

  • Indecent insult, abuse or incitement against Rpshd or one of its cadres or students and violate the ethics of Roshd.
  • Student who is cheating during the exam.
  • Submitting false documents in registration application.
  • Student evades paying the fees.


Student in any of Roshd programs must attend all resources in ROSHD platform to be nominated for the final exam.
In situation that the student did not achieve the above condition, he is deprived of the final exam and is considered failed even if he / she has taken the exam in a deliberate manner.

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