Student Account

An account is created on the educational platform for each student who completed all registration steps and after receiving the electronic card and student’s email
All this information is sent to student in a message to his or her personal e-mail, which is registered in Roshd
Once the student completes all the registration requirements in Roshd, he or she must use the new e-mail sent by Roshd in all issues relating to Roshd (the platform – contact – exams – lectures)
The student’s account on Roshd platform contains all the educational resources that will benefit the student in his study of lectures, slides, books, references, in addition to the exams and access to the interactive classes, academic calendar and other useful information.

Educational Resources

Roshd provides presentation slides, books and references for each subject within each program to the student through the Roshd educational platform during his / her study, so that the student can review all resources within the platform
Based on the definition of virtual education using ICT in education, e-learning system at Roshd ensures the following for its students:

  • High quality virtual learning environment with the latest technology for virtual classes and online sessions
  • High quality Learning resources
  • Support recorded lectures and videos
  • Sharing the lecturer’s screen and camera during interactive sessions
  • Virtual exams are conducted online without having to come to a certain center
  • Questionnaires for teachers, materials, and mentoring services to satisfy student

Academic Information

Through its platform, Rushd provides all the information that will benefit the student in his / her academic trip the academic calendar, the content of each subject, the content of academic program being studied by the student, the interactive lectures schedule, the dates and the timing of the exams, the attendance records.

Technical Information

Once the student has completed the registration requirements, Roshd provides all technical information that guides him on how to use Roshd’s techniques:

  • The new student email on Roshd’s domain
  • Student account details on the platform
  • How to enter the platform
  • How to login to new email
  • How to enter interactive lectures
  • How to enter exams

This is done through an introductory session in addition to recorded videos, links and explanations attached to information letters

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