Privacy Agreement

Terms of the contract:

When you visit this website ( and use the services we offer through this site, that means you agreed the terms of this Privacy Agreement.
By visiting this website and requesting the services we offer through this site, you become a party of this agreement and agree the terms. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of this contract by reviewing this agreement.
Sharing your personal data is voluntary. If you do not provide the personal data we need, we will not be able to provide you with the information you need or the service you need.

Types of Information We Collect and How We Collect:

Roshd Danışmanlık Tıbbi ve İnşaat Malzemeleri Gıda Ltd.Şti. or Roshd University works under this name, to provide better service to you it requests some of your personal information (name, last name, age, e-mail, telephone, etc …).

The statistical data (browser type, geographic location, age, gender, etc.) that can be obtained from these collected personal information, periodic campaign studies, e-newsletter studies, customer profile design and customer statics classification will be used in Roshd Virtual University.

Roshd Danışmanlık Tıbbi ve İnşaat Malzemeleri Gıda Ltd.Şti. or other institutions that are under the name of Roshd University do not share the information gathered from the membership forms with third parties without the notice of the member. They are not used for commercial purposes and it does not sell them.

Roshd Danışmanlık Tıbbi ve İnşaat Malzemeleri Gıda Ltd.Şti. or other institutions that are under the name of Roshd analyze visitor motions and preferences during the use of the site, except for the personal information required in e-mail addresses and membership forms. These statistical data, which does not contain any personal information, are used to provide a more specific and effective education for students.

If you would like to leave the Roshd e-newsletter list, you can click on the link If you do not want to receive this newsletter again in the bottom section of the e-newsletter.

Student / Employee staff information may only be disclosed to the public authorities when such information is requested by the authorities and if it is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation.

All information entered into the system by the Student / Employee staff can only be accessed and changed by himself or herself. It is not possible for someone to reach this information and change it.

The information collected is stored in a secure environment that is not public.

Sharing Personal Information

Your personal information can be shared with Roshd Danışmanlık Tıbbi ve İnşaat Malzemeleri Gıda Ltd.Şti. in order to provide the service you requested or need in accordance with the privecy agreement. The companies that are stated as Roshd Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti .. are the affiliates, subsidiaries, enterprises and third parties of Roshd Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. These third parties work together to serve you better; The companies we prepare for promotions, offers and competitions are the agencies we chose to meet your demands more accurately and to eliminate technical problems. Your information will be shared as long as Roshd Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. Working with these Organizations that will use this information and will be able to access your information only for the specified action in accordance with their privacy policy and data protection.

As long as you allow us Roshd Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti. new services and other educational institutions we work for, information, news that we think you may be interested in, news about us and developments that we are happy to share with you, etc. will be sent to you by e-mail.

In order for all these transactions to be performed, your approval must be obtained. You have the right to take back any approval you have made by this agreement. You can get back your confirmation with your e-mail that you have stated.

You can also cancel your membership if you change your decision to consent to the processing and using of your personal data by our company.

Roshd Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. Reserves the right to use or disclose your personal information in order to protect the integrity of, to provide the right information in the studies conducted in order to protect the integrity of and to ensure the security of the community in cases where a legal action is required. However, your information will not be shared with any third party except as provided in this agreement.

Accuracy of Your Personal Information

You acknowledge that the information you provide as a user is correct and valid, and that you will inform us of any changes to this information.

You will be responsible as a user if any damage or loss of rights arises because the information given is incorrect and not valid. In such cases, you will not be able to make a request to our company.


You have the right to control and change all the information you have provided to Roshd Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti. If you want to change the information in our database or if you want to change your contact details, you can contact us via email.

When you want to stop the deletion of personal information or use of your information, you can reach us by specifying your request, you can make the cancellation process smoothly. To complete this action, simply fill in the request form or make a written notification.

Information in our data protection policies and procedures is available upon request.

Using Social Plugins

Facebook’s social plugins are used on our website. When you want to open a page with a social plug-in, your browser sends a direct link to Facebook servers and notifies you that you are logged into our website. If you are logged in to your Facebook account, your Facebook notification will map your incoming data to your account. When you use the comment functions that the plugin has, the relevant data is sent to Facebook via your browser. Please refer to the Facebook Privacy settings for the use and processing of the data obtained by Facebook. If you don’t want Facebook to collect information about you via our website, log out of your Facebook account before entering our site.

Privacy Policy Change

Roshd Consulting Co.Ltd. There are some changes we may make in our privacy policy in certain periods as required. Roshd Consulting Co.Ltd. it reserves the right to update its privacy policy and recommends that users visit this site every time they login to the site or mobile application. In order to inform you in the best way, we make changes on this page. Assuming that you control this page periodically, these changes do not cover the history. By visiting this site, you agree to any changes or changes to the Internet Privacy Agreement.


If you have any questions about the privecy agreement, please contact us using the contact information below.

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