A comprehensive program designed to develop English language skills for non-native speakers to be able to practice in their work, academic studies and research.

The program will support second-language learners by interacting with a fluent English speaker

The ESL program Provides English students with intensive learning material that will build their English language in speaking, writing ,reading, vocabulary building and pronunciation
Students will interact on a day to day basis, with a fluent English instructor, and they will receive special help with English as well as additional support with understanding the classroom curriculum. Students get hands –on experience and individual help and support.

In this program we use both the student’s native language and culture in instruction, which help facilitate learning. While Using ESL teaching techniques, Intensive practice is provided so students will never forget the knowledge they were taught in class. Students will use the language, practice and apply all knowledge in class

Program Goals

The program aims to graduate students who are able to pass the English language tests, such as the TOEFL test from scratch, by learning for a year with English specialists.

ESL is a program specifically designed to teach English to non English speakers. The American Curriculum is made to teach students native and academic language. The goal is for learners to achieve greater proficiency in academic and social language and speak like natives. Students will learn how to blend, properly pronounce, and efficiently reduce their accents by learning the fundamental spelling, pronunciation and conversational techniques

Program Degree: Training Program
Accreditation: Not accredited
Teaching language:
Language curriculum: English
Duration of study is one year divided into Seven levels

Teaching type: Online Full interactive
Fees: $ 1750
Available scholarship: 60-90%
Online exams

  • American Curriculum
  • Fluent English instructor
  • Individual help and support
  • Intensive learning material
  • ESL pronunciation and conversational techniques
TOEFL Preparation

Fees before scholarship:


Fees after scholarship:


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